About Us

PCWF is now a registered not for profit organization based in Toronto. In January of 2009, PCWF was notified by the Canadian Revenue Agency that the Foundation's charitable status was annuled. The Foundation was given 90 days from the date of annulment to reply and possibly go through a process of objection. After much deliberation and consultation. including with our lawyers, the Board of Directors decided not to file an objection and to accept the decision of CRA even though the Foundation was not in agreement with their reasons and decisions. An appeal or objection is a long and costly process. Should persons wish more information please contact the executive director of PCWF, Larry Rooney.

The effect of CRA's decision to annul its decision made in 1973, when it granted charitable status to Phoenix, means that the Foundation can no longer issue receipts for income tax purposes for any gifts or donations that it would receive. The Foundation does retains its assets and continues to operate as a Non Profit entity or Corporation. Plans are underway to develop programs and projects in keeping with this new status. Receipts for income tax purposes that have been issued from 1973 to January 19, 2009 by PCWF are valid and legal as well as any other business transactions of the Foundation.

Founded in 1973, our mission is to faciltiate the building healthy, sustainable and just communities. Over the years we have expanded our work from the local level to regional and international communities. Our mandate is broad and encompasses the following objectives:

  • To assist in the development of healthy communities .
  • To encourage creativity.
  • To promote studies and educational programs relating to the emotional and physical well-being of individuals and to their intellectual development.
  • To promote studies and experimental projects relating to the health of our environment.

Siince its beginning in 1973, when it received a designation as a charitable organization, PCWF has sponsored and been involved in over 400 projects. As the Foundation conitnues into the future new programs and projects will be developed.


In the last 2 months The Foundation has been developing plans to reorganize itself as not for porfit organization and has produced a Renewal and Stabilzation Plan which will go to the board of Directors for approval at their next meeting on May 9th.

The focus of this plan will be to provide prgrams, workshops and assistance to the Voluntary Sector so as to help organizations, community groups and others become more effective and sustainable. Complete details and descriptions of what PCWF will be undertaking are to be available on the website in early May.


Current and Future events


PCWF is continuing to develop its renewal plans, investigate areas for new projects, create new promotion material including updating the website and have in place a financial plan as it goes forward.

May 9th: Board of Directors Meeting Followed by The Annual Meeting: Details as to time and place will be available shortly and notices will be sent to project coordinators and members. For more information, please contact us.


  • Executive Director/Desi Benet
  • Shannon Hamilton/Accounts Manager
  • Natalie Capone/Communications & Memberships
  • Dianne Alexopoulos/Development Consultant
  • Bill Benet/Director of Education

Board of Directors 2009-2010

  • Dr. Edmund O'Sullivan, President
  • Njoki Wane
  • Adonis Huggins