Activating Communities For Public Space Stewardship In Toronto

This project is undertaken with The Toronto Public Space Committee (TPSC), a voluntary organization committed to protecting and celebrating free and accessible public space.Toronto Public Space Committee
Included in this campaign project will be
The Gardening Project--which encourages people to at the spaces around them; plantings which serve to teach and provoke thinking about urban ecology.

Application for Students Crossing Borders, July 7-22


When: Saturday, July 7 – Sunday, July 22

Where: flying in and out of Kingston, Jamaica

How much: $1850

Activating Communities for Public Space Stewardship in Toronto

Through, The Toronto Public Space Committee (TPSC), a grassroots organization of volunteers, Phoenix Community Works Foundation is sponsoring this project which is dedicated to protecting and celebrating free accessible public spaces.

Legacy Series and Rasik Arts

Phoenix Community Works Foundation wishes to encourage an appreciation for South Asian culture and in particular South Asian theatre and writers.

Casa Salvador Allende Community Education Project

This five year project aims to provide an arts-based education program for children between the ages of 3 and 14 originating from Latin America.

PCs 4 All

The goal of this project is to provide refurbished computer equipment to people on limited incomes; to overcome barriers that prevent universal access to on-line resources by deploying, at minimal cost, networked computers for people in need.

The End of Suburbia

Here is a recent article on The End of Suburbia from Straight Goods.

Toronto Teen Track / 3T Program

This project has been designed to help develop confidence and leadership skills in the youth of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) through a series of athletic, social and educational activities.

The Phoenix Information Project

Canada is a nation in 'quiet' crisis. A drawn-out civil struggle has been in progress for the last decade for control over our health care, education, and other public services which should NEVER be privatized.

The Gilford Community Small Farm Project

This project, located on a farm close to Bradford has a number of objectives:

  1. To provide a learning/growing experience that emphasizes the importance of community, particularly in relation to individuals who suffer from disabilities or who are otherwise marginalized.
  2. To provide an environment in which participants will be exposed to organic farming, healthy food, gardening and tending animals.
  3. To provide an opportunity for people with disabilities to offer their particular contributions to the community. This will help them realize their value and dignity.
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