Men Walking Against Male Violence

The Walk Against Male Violence is a project initiated in 1991 by males to confront sexism and violence against women.

The Gregory School Project

The Gregory School for Exceptional Learning Project is intended to provide support to families with a child who would benefit from specialized education services but who are in need of financial assistance to obtain the needed services.

Pinehurst School Bursary and Scholarship Project

This particular endeavour is part of the Foundation's efforts to assist youth with special needs relating to education. In this instance the focus is on offering structured, educational programming in small classroom settings for adolescents who are not motivated to achieve their full academic potential in traditional shool ennvironments


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This scholarship fund has been established to help young environmentally-active students in the Parry Sound-Muskoka district attend post-secondary level Environmental Studies programs.
Stan Darling was a leading force in the fight to protect Canada’s Environment and to fight Acid Rain during his 30 years in politics. He was involved as a municipal councillor and reeve for 30 years before his election as Member of Parliament for Parry Sound- Muskoka at the age of 61.

Casa Salvador Allende Community Education Project

This five year project aims to provide an arts-based education program for children between the ages of 3 and 14 originating from Latin America.

Children Having Options in Choosing Education (CHOICE)

The health, education and general well being of children has always held importance for PCWF. Over the years, the Foundation has sponsored numerous programs relating to children, youth and families. Recently it has sponsored projects focused on food, environmental education, after school programs and the arts - all of which were geared to children and youth.

Students Crossng Borders

Students Crossing Borders replaces a previous project, Student Teachers in the Global Classroom. However our mission remains the same: Providing opportunities for young Canadian men and women who are pursuing a teaching career to work alongside teachers in a less fortunate country, and to support them by creating curriculum kits for use in the classroom. July 7-22 is the date set for traveling to Jamaica this summer as Students Crossing Borders

Gloria Rooney Bursary Fund

A tribute to Gloria Rooney's lifelong social and community activism, this fund supports initiatives in research, training and education with an emphasis on community groups and leadership development.

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